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We are not only Virtual Production STAGE OWNERS but production partners for Twickenham Film Studios AND Mars Volume

Being based at and having 24/7 access to these permanent stages allows us to offer an end-to-end workflow, where we can test and optimize assets on stage during the pre-viz and pre -production stages. It also gives us the flexibility to service jobs no matter how large or small.

In addition, we can easily facilitate the building of temporary bespoke LED stages on one of our sites or elsewhere.


Twickenham Film Studios has been a Home For Filmmakers for over 100 years. Offering bespoke production and post production services for all Feature Films, TV Series, Documentaries, Music Videos and Commercials. A multi award-winning and much-loved creative campus featuring state of the art services and facilities across Studios + Picture + Sound + Workspace + Social

The newly opened Virtual Production stage features an 8m x 4m, fine pixel pitch 1.8mm screen with four highly powerful Novastar MX40pro processors capable of delivering 240fps to the whole screen. With Mo-Sys startracker, Unreal Engine,  Red Camera kit with prime lenses and in house lighting, this stage provides an incredible ‘all in one’ cost effective Virtual Production solution.

MARS Volume®

MARS Volume is a dedicated 12,000 sq feet Virtual Production facility housing a full 180 degree LED wall, 26.5 x 5m of AOTO 2.3 mm pitched LED. It runs Brompton processing, Stype RedSpy and Stype Spyder camera tracking systems, state-of-the art servers for Unreal Engine real-time rendering, disguise servers for plate playback, alongside other systems. MARS Volume has been specifically designed to deliver Hollywood level virtual production technology and talent at accessible pricing – on a size of stage that caters to the widest range of projects.

MARS Volume
Mars Studio