What’s this all about then?

If you believed every doomsday story in our culture, you’d go away thinking there’s nothing we can do about the climate crisis.

There’s plenty we can do though.

Regeneration is already happening, and the screen industry has the power to shout about it in the stories we dream up and the characters we create.

We have the ability to rewrite the narrative.

If we come together to tell the stories of change we can inspire audiences to do something about the climate crisis, rather than be paralysed by fear.

And there’s a film?

Yep. It’s called More Flames, a short comedy-satire on the struggles of talking about the end of the world starring: 

Phoebe Dynevor

Amar Chadha-Patel

Bella Ramsey & Milou the dog!

Witten & Directed by Jack Cooper Stimpson

Produced by Jamie Gamache & Michelle Schechter

DOP – Jack Edwards

Virtual production and studio: Quite Brilliant, Twickenham Film Studios.