Developer Mediatonic has shared that battle royale game Fall Guys is going free-to-play for all platforms next month so to promote this news Quite Brilliant was commissioned to produce a thirty minute fun packed piece on the virtual production stage.


Mediatonic – Alan Campbell, Cat Karskens, Taylor Bridgen, Joe Walsh, Ana Tsaplii, Ben Nizan, Julian Mair-Macfarlane

Epic – Jamie Mossahebi, Julien Didisheim, Kinka Kliss, Jordan Thistlewood, Nancy Xu, Sam Munro, Roberto Costas, Louise Dobson

Director – Nick Jones
Producer – Lesley Queen
Exec. Producer – Chris Chaundler
Vp Super – Russ Shaw
Unreal design and stage ops – Tomasz, Mark, Liam, Mara